What is Kemitnetwork?

Networking based on African lifestyle

Kemitnetwork offers a simple solution to the well-known problem of all Africans in the diaspora, namely the reduction of the very high repatriation costs that the bereaved have to pay.

Who doesn’t know that? After a death in the African community, the same pattern emerges again and again: shock – grief – willingness to help immediately and help the bereaved – actions to raise money – and again and again the sentence: “Que la terre de nos ancêtres lui soit légère. ” (May the earth of our ancestors be easy for him). This last sentence implicitly means that the person concerned should be returned to his home country. Driven by this incredible urge for solidarity, followed by great emotions, unfortunately many mistakes are made, and the same mistakes and problems over and over again. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in cases of fraud recently, which are mainly related to the collection of money for bereavement in the diaspora.

Driven by this At Kemitnetwork, the solidarity and emotions that are strongly present in such cases are channeled in a standardized fundraising campaign (so-called tontine) in order to support or assist the bereaved at the funeral. Kemitnetwork therefore offers financial, moral and social support in the event of bereavement.

At the same time, In addition to the main goal of repatriation, Kemitnetwork also achieves a strong network and bond based on the African lifestyle.  Through the platform, the original African social way of life is taken up and promoted in order to prevent the sometimes anonymous life or the fear of loneliness in the diaspora. Participants can rely on a strong social network.

Let’s shape life in the diaspora together and stick together for the last way. Together we can do it!

How is return assistance guaranteed?

Kemitnetwork is based on the solidarity of its participants

Kemitnetwork UG (haftungsbeschränkt) uses the platform Kemitnetwork as a social enterprise to trigger a positive impulse in the African diaspora. This will be achieved through a fair, transparent and African-based financing model for the repatriation of the remains of its members.

In the long term, the Kemitnetwork platform relies on membership fees as well as on subsidies from interested organizations and sympathizers.

These contributions are collected over time to guarantee the basis of the platform’s grant fund. In the short to medium term, however, collection campaigns are organized in the event of bereavement to finance the guaranteed repatriation assistance. The collection actions are then suspended over time if the platform has enough funds. The individual contributions are therefore intended to strengthen the structural, conceptual and demanding social initiative in the long term. And so this initiative is growing into a future-proof project with which the African diaspora can always count and identify.  

The amount of return assistance depends in principle on the duration of the platform’s membership. The maximum fixed grant amount is currently EUR 15,000. This sum can be adjusted depending on the number of members and the amount of the fund. 

What people say about us

Kemitnetwork secures life in the Diaspora and revives the true African social way of life even in unfortunate times!

Our motivation

Mount Cameroon

Kemitnetwork uses the virtual world to bring the African diaspora even closer together.


The platform is open to cooperation with interested partners from civil society, science, politics and business.

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Kemitnetwork is to establish an operational and at the same time a promotional foundation: the Kemitnetwork Foundation.

You can already register now for the binding membership that starts on 1st January 2023!

All those who register now will benefit from:
1.  No registration fee. You already save 29,-€!
2. You can already take advantage of the entry age range rule in the definition of your annual membership fee.
A rule that is valid for the entire duration of your membership.
This is especially important for those who are on the borderline between two age groups!